Christmas through the eyes of Shepherds

God made known the coming of His Son Jesus to a group of Shepherds who were working and caring for their flocks. It wasn’t to a group of religious people, but to hard working, ordinary Shepherds. Shepherds were tough and courageous, but honest people. Their witness to the events of Christ coming are credible. These men were equivalent to our modern day “cowboy” figure. To the religious world of their day they were social outcasts because they handled sheep, and were considered ceremonially unclean. That God revealed His coming to them is amazing, and what they saw and heard was also amazing! They saw the glory of God. They heard the declaration of the angel announcing Jesus’ birth. They witnessed the heavenly host praising and giving God glory. Then with great haste the Shepherds made their way to see the blessed Savior. These rugged men became bold witnesses of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Prayer: “Dear Lord, thank You for reaching out to common people and revealing Your Gospel and making Yourself known. We praise You God for sending the Savior Christ the Lord. For the glory of Jesus we pray. Amen.”
Randy J. McPheron