Revival Preparation

Preparation is the key to an effective Revival Meeting!



Determine the best time to have a Revival Meeting. Clear the church’s calendar and make Revival a priority! Make sure nothing else is happening that week so that Revival will have the full attention of the entire church!


Decide if the Revival will involve just your church or if a multi- church Revival is needed. We have been a part of some very special Revivals that included groups of churches, Associations, or even an area wide Crusade event.


Get everyone in your church involved! Delegate various responsibilities to Leaders. For every person you involve expect to see 8-10 people attend. For example, if you enlist 10 Leaders you can expect 80-100 in attendance!


Organize a prayer effort! Everything hinges on prayer! The success of the Revival depends on it! To see a real move of God and not just a series of meetings, God’s people must pray! Don’t be afraid to ask your people to fast & pray for Revival!


Gospel to every home!

Take the Gospel to every home! Prepare a packet of material, map out an area, organize and enlist volunteers for a door-to-door campaign, & canvass your community! Use this opportunity to invite people not only to the Revival, but to come to faith in Jesus Christ!

“Many Christian Leaders believe front door evangelism is out-dated and not effective, yet EVERY national political campaign has a Door Knocking component in their strategy. What do they know that we have forgotten?

People need us to bring Jesus to them.”

-Todd Gray

There are many great resources available to help churches take the Gospel to every home! The Kentucky Baptist Convention developed a strategy for taking the Gospel to every home in the state! Also, Saturate USA will provide free materials to churches. Bless Every Home is another good resource! Or just simply develop your own plan! Touch of Hope Ministries would be glad to assist you!

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Revival in every church!

My friend Wes Fowler has a vision that every Kentucky Baptist Church have a Revival! That is a great vision!

If you have a theology of Revival, in other words you believe what the Bibles says.. that God revives His people, then set aside a special time for your church to be intentional about Revival! Periodically, God’s people need spiritual rejuvenation! The Israelites understood this. They had special weeks, holy days to draw closer to God. The church must do this too! Revival is work! Revivals haven’t stopped working, we have stopped working for Revival. The hard work necessary to have an effective Revival is worth it! Effective Revivals result in God’s people being greatly encouraged, lost people coming to faith in Christ, church growth and opportunities for ministry to the community! If you are bored with the term “Revival” then call it something else! Renewal, reinvigoration, rejuvenation, awakening, refreshing, recharge, or just simply call it a Good News Celebration and invite everyone you can to come hear the Gospel!

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“Few evangelists bear the sensitivity to local church ministry and the passion for concise, expository preaching that intersects in the life and ministry of Evangelist Randy J. McPheron. Having used him on numerous occasions, I commend him to you as a man of integrity and inspiration. Avoiding theatrics and gimmicks, Randy McPheron represents the best in evangelism ministry, allowing pastors and congregations alike to be blessed and challenged without fear of collateral damage. With the heart of a pastor and a fire for souls in his bones, Rev. McPheron is a gift from God to the local church.”

Adam Dooley

“I believe that the very best evangelists are men of God with a Pastor’s heart who have been called by God into Evangelism. Such a man is Randy McPheron. God has blessed and used him as a successful pastor. Therefore, his ministry as an evangelist is to edify the office of pastor and to be an extension of the pastor’s ministry. He believes the Bible and is a very gifted preacher. His youthful appearance, coupled with the wisdom that comes from years of being a pastor, enable him to speak effectively to all ages. Randy is supported by a godly wife and children. He will in your church demonstrate integrity and godliness in dealing with church members and in seeking to win the lost to Christ. In short–invite Randy McPheron to preach in your church! I gladly recommend him to you.”

Don Mathis

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