Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions: September 29, 2014

Today’s Bible reading is 1 Timothy chapter 3

(Read the entire New Testament in 2014 by reading only one chapter each day)

No church will rise above its leadership. That’s why the quality and character of spiritual leadership is so important. Paul instructed Timothy concerning the qualifications of spiritual leaders in the church, namely pastors and deacons. The first quality of a spiritual leader is integrity. A leader is to be “above reproach.” That means living wisely and exercising self control. It means having a good testimony inside and outside the church. Godly leaders must not be violent or quarrelsome, not addicted to wine or driven by greed. Secondly, spiritual leaders must demonstrate maturity. Spiritual maturity must be illustrated in the home. The spiritual leader is to be faithful to his wife and effective in leading his family. He should be fully committed to the Gospel and to serving Christ. Spiritual leaders should not be new believers, but should be spiritually sound in the Lord. Not only must spiritual leaders demonstrate integrity and maturity, but also spiritual leaders must have ability. Ability to lead, manage, and teach God’s people is needed for effective leadership and a healthy church. Abilities are given by the Lord but they must be developed through diligence. A pastor should make preaching and teaching God’s Word primary to his ministry. If he fails in this area then he fails to demonstrate a true call from God.

Prayer: “Lord of the harvest, call and equip workers and qualified spiritual leaders to serve Your church, and raise up a generation of preachers who love preaching and will aptly proclaim ‘Thus faith the Lord!’ In Jesus name. Amen.”

Randy J. McPheron