Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions: August 1, 2014

Today’s Bible reading is 2 Corinthians chapter 3

(Read the entire New Testament in 2014 by reading only one chapter each)

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.”
We have been given great freedom in Christ Jesus. We have freedom to pray, freedom to worship, freedom to witness, and much more. The Spirit of God gives us liberty. Freedom is available to us because the glory of God rests on us. Our bodies have become a place for God to dwell. In the Old Testament God’s glory rested on the tabernacle, but in the New Testament God’s glory rests on the child of God. As those who are inhabited by God’s Spirit, we are to reflect His glory. The glory of God that rests on us does not fade away. The glory Moses experienced was fading so he wore a veil. Under the new covenant our veil is taken away. Our freedom means we will reflect God’s glory. Also, freedom means we are being renewed by God’s grace. Our lives are being daily transformed by the power of God. We are being changed into His glorious image. This is a work of the Spirit. Bible teachers call this process sanctification. Sanctification simply means, “to become more like Jesus.” Is your life being daily transformed by the Holy Spirit? Are you becoming more like Jesus?

Prayer: “Dear Father in heaven, may You fill us with Your glory, and may we reflect Your image. Sanctify us by Your Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Randy J. McPheron