Daily Devotions

Today’s Bible reading is Luke chapter 20

(Read the entire New Testament in 2014 by reading only one chapter each day)

Jesus described two kinds of people; children of God, and children of the world. Those who place their faith in Jesus Christ are given the hope of a future resurrection. The grave is not the end, there is life beyond it. Jesus called the children of God “the children of the resurrection.” “He is not the God of the dead, but of the living; for all live unto Him.” As followers of Christ we can claim this promise! We will one day experience a bodily resurrection, and we will die no more. We will be raised to life and given a glorified body that will never know pain or sorrow, sickness or suffering, sin or death. God will raise us up just as He raised up Jesus. Because Christ lives we will live also.

Prayer: “Holy Father, we worship You, the God of the resurrection. Just as You raised up Jesus and did not leave Him in the grave we trust that You will not leave us, but that You will so raise us to life everlasting.”

Randy J. McPheron