“Randy McPheron is a committed servant of the Lord Jesus and a personal friend. His many years of experience as a local church pastor, along with his gifts of proclamation and evangelism, enable Randy to be a blessing to the pastors, churches, and communities where he ministers. God has used Randy’s faithful preaching to call the church to renewal and the lost to Christ.”

Dr. Paul Chitwood, President, International Mission Board

“I have known Randy McPheron for many years. I can honestly say that he is a man who has a passion to see people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I am proud to call him my friend and recognize him as an alumnus of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. I am honored to recommend him without reservation for you to use in your ministry setting. I know without a doubt that he will point your people to their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is a man of the Word and will communicate the truths of the Scriptures in a way that will speak to all ages. I know he will be a blessing to your ministry event.”

Dr. Donnie Fox, President, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College

“Please allow me the privilege of recommending my friend Randy McPheron to you. I have worked with Brother Randy in organizing two crusades that resulted in over 150 people coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Brother Randy will preach biblical, Christ exalting messages that will touch the heart. His experience as a Pastor gives him a local church perspective needed in Crusade evangelism.”

Calvin Carr, North Central Baptist Church, Gainesville, Florida

“I commend Randy McPheron to you without reservation.  I have observed his ministry for several years.  He is filled with evangelistic zeal, has a pastor’s heart and sensitivity and, above all else, is a humble Man of God.  The Lord’s hand is upon his ministry.  He will be a blessing to your church.”

Darren Gaddis, First Baptist Church, Ocala, Florida

“Randy McPheron is a man of God with a heart full of love for people and a passionate desire to see souls saved, wayward Christians restored and families made whole.  Randy is not only a wonderful friend whom I love and respect but was also my pastor for a few years.  He is a dynamic and captivating preacher of the gospel and an individual of integrity and conviction.  With no hesitation, it is with delight that I heartily recommend him for any assignment the Lord provides.”

Mayor Mike Bryant, Mt. Vernon, Kentucky

“I know Randy to be a man of God who preaches with passion. He has a heartfelt desire to see people come to Christ and for a true spiritual awakening to take place within our churches. I am thankful for men like Randy McPheron who serve the Lord by serving churches and helping them to focus on that which Jesus wanted us to focus.”

Dr. Kevin Ezell, President, North American Mission Board

“I believe that the very best evangelists are men of God with a Pastor’s heart who have been called by God into Evangelism.  Such a man is Randy McPheron.  God has blessed and used him as a successful pastor.  Therefore, his ministry as an evangelist is to edify the office of pastor and to be an extension of the pastor’s ministry.  He believes the Bible and is a very gifted preacher.  His youthful appearance, coupled with the wisdom that comes from years of being a pastor, enable him to speak effectively to all ages.  Randy is supported by a godly wife and children.  He will in your church demonstrate integrity and godliness in dealing with church members and in seeking to win the lost to Christ.  In short–invite Randy McPheron to preach in your church!  I gladly recommend him to you.”

Dr. Don R. Mathis, Bowling Green, Kentucky

“Allow me to recommend my good friend Randy McPheron.  Randy has an incredible passion for evangelism combined with a pastor’s heart for the church.  He effectively communicates the Gospel to those who hear him.”

Harold Best, Burlington Baptist Church, Burlington, Kentucky

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