New Years Eve
Message to the Youth Ministry (*Jake only)
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Vienna, IL

January 10-14
Touch of Hope Vision Meeting
Mount Vernon, KY

January 27
Morning Worship (*Randy only)
Macedonia Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, KY

February 8-9
Collegiate Conclave (*Jake only)
Laurel Lake Baptist Camp, Corbin, KY

February 10
IBC Williamsburg (*Jake only)
Immanuel Baptist Church, Williamsburg, KY

March 4
Night of Worship (*Jake only)
Eagle House Ministries, Buncombe, IL

March 18-20
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Fulton, KY

March 24-27
Revival (*Randy only)
Northside Baptist Church, Science Hill, KY

April 7-12
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Waco, KY

April 21 (Easter Sunday)
Morning Worship
Roundstone Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, KY

April 28
Morning Worship
New Victory Baptist Church, Russell Springs, KY

May 5-8
Liberty Avenue Baptist Church, Berea, KY

May 12-15
Calvary Baptist Church, Corbin, KY

June 2
Morning Worship
Southside Baptist Church, Glasgow, KY

June 9
Morning Worship
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Somerset, KY

July 14
Morning Worship
First Baptist Church of Mt. Vernon, KY

July 21
Morning & Evening Worship
Red Hill Baptist Church

July 29-August 6
Brazil Mission Trip
Sao Paulo, Brazil

August 18
Biker Sunday
Hustonville Baptist Church, Hustonville, KY

November 10
Morning & Evening Worship
Bethel Baptist Church, Berea, KY


February 25-28
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, Charlestown, IN

March 10-14
Salvisa Baptist Church, Salvisa, KY

March 16
Touch of Hope Banquet
West Corbin Baptist Church Family Life Center, Corbin, KY

March 18-21
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Monticello, KY

April 6-8
Hope Rally
First Baptist Church, Palatka, FL

April 13-15
Hope Rally
First Baptist Church, Lancaster, KY

April 27-29
Hope Rally
Central Baptist Association/ Woodlawn Baptist Church, Lebanon, KY

May 6-10
New Victory Baptist Church, Russell Springs, KY

May 13-18
Red Hill Baptist Church, Livingston, KY

May 20-23
Grace Baptist Church, Evansville, IN

June 4-8
Tic Toc Kidz Camp!
Tic Toc Christian Preschool, Mount Vernon, KY

June 20-23
Clear Baptist Bible College, Pineville, KY

July 18
Morning Worship (*Randy only)
Central Baptist Church, Corbin, KY

July 21-27 
Nicaragua Mission Trip
Managua, Nicaragua

August 26
100 Year Celebration Service
West Corbin Baptist Church, Corbin, KY

September 23-28
Bethel Baptist Church, Berea, KY

October 14-17
Creekside Baptist Church, Crab Orchard, KY

November 2-4
DNOW (*Jake Only)
Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, KY

November 4-9
Jacob’s Well Baptist Church, Brodhead, KY

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