Host A HOPE Rally!

Host a Touch of HOPE RALLY in your church or community!

What is the goal of a Touch of Hope Rally?
• Rejuvenate the church!
• Redeem the lost!
• Restore HOPE to the broken!

Here is what we do!
• We serve as a Ministry Team! We help you plan, prepare & pray for this event. I (Randy) will speak during each service and my son Jake will lead worship (Also, if it can be arranged Jake will speak to students).
• We suggest that the host church organize a community-wide united prayer service during the Rally as well as a witness training and outreach effort. We will lead the witness training & united prayer service. We suggest a weekend HOPE RALLY (Friday-Sunday), but we are willing to work with the host church or churches to choose a schedule that best fits you!

What do we ask the host church to do?
• Prepare for the HOPE RALLY by using the suggestions in our preparation guide
• Provide travel expenses, lodging, and meals for Randy & Jake
• We serve by faith and trust the Lord to meet our needs. We do not require a fee for coming, but we request that you promote & receive a Love Offering each service for T.H.E.M. Touch of Hope Evangelistic Ministries is a faith based organization. Your generous gift will help us fulfill the mission that God has given us! If you have any concerns over the expense of hosting a HOPE RALLY give us a call, I am sure we can work something out.
• Promote the event & work very hard to involve your church to reach your community

Contact us for more details or to request a preparation packet