How to get  involved with Touch of Hope Ministries

Ministry Partners

A Ministry Partner is someone that may not desire to serve on the Board of Touch of Hope Ministries, but is committed to the support of Touch of Hope either by ongoing financial or prayer support. If you are interested in becoming a Ministry Partner or providing encouragement to this ministry in any way please contact us! We are grateful for your encouragement!

Ministry Board

A Board Member for Touch of Hope Ministries must meet the following requirements:

  • Board Members must be faithful in their attendance and support of a local church.
  • Board Members should be those of outstanding Christian character and Christ-like qualities and display a genuine concern for lost souls and a desire to see people saved, and should share a common zeal for missions and evangelism. It is requested that each potential Board Member provide a Letter of Recommendation from his/her Pastor.
  • Board Members must affirm the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 of The Southern Baptist Convention as a basic statement of belief.
  • Board Members should attend regularly scheduled meetings with special attention given to the Spring & Fall Touch of Hope Banquet.
  • Board Members should have a genuine interest in Touch of Hope Evangelistic Ministries, and be committed to pray for and contribute financially to this ministry.

*For more information on becoming a ministry board member, please email:

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