About Us

The vision of Touch of Hope began when Randy McPheron was a 39 year old pastor at West Corbin Baptist Church and had to make a very difficult decision. Randy considered, “Do I continue to serve as pastor at a great church, or do I explore God’s call into evangelism ministry?” For many years Randy wrestled with whether God had called him to be a pastor or to be an evangelist. Randy confessed he had a pastor’s heart and loved being a pastor, however in 2007 he took a leap of faith and formed Touch of Hope Evangelistic Ministries! It was later Randy realized that when abbreviated, the name of the ministry spells THEM. The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 is what convinced him to start this ministry. The word “them” is repeatedly used in the Great Commission. It seems fitting that the ministry name is THEM. God calls us to pray for “them”, witness to “them”, baptize “them”, and disciple “them”.  We are told to teach “them”, love “them”, and go to “them”. Jesus died for them and we have been sent to them. Touch of HOPE is a Great Commission ministry!

After 10 years of Randy serving in this ministry, we are excited to announce that Jake McPheron has joined Touch of Hope Ministries, and the two are now serving together as a Ministry Team! We are gearing up to lead HOPE Rally’s, Revivals, Mission Trips, Youth Camps, and Area Wide Outreach Events! Touch of HOPE is a faith-based organization and we need your prayers and support. Our purpose is to share the message of HOPE through Jesus Christ in as many places and with as many people as possible! Our world is broken and desperately needs hope. God is sending us to broken places and to people that are broken to share the HOPE of Jesus Christ! Only God can rejuvenate the church and redeem lost souls, but He has called us to serve His purposes by taking the Gospel to the world!